the woodsClearView Firearms has deep roots which go back to two small towns in western Pennsylvania in the 1960s. The Dorazio boys of Derry (David, Dennis, Gery, Mark, and Joe) spent every hour possible outdoors. During hunting season, only two reasons qualified for being home—it was dark or you had your limit. But the real prime hunting area was Grandpap’s farm in Mather. Now our cousins (Anthony and Dom) who lived on the farm were experts on where the game was or where it would be. Memories of those bygone days are deeply imprinted and often cascade over the many stories that seem to grow a little each time we get together. But the best part, the part that brought it all together, were the exquisite meals that my mom would make from the wild game we brought in. The mere thought of the wild game roast, venison kabobs, and wild turkey on the half-grill still stimulate those Pavlovian responses that demand to be satisfied.

This deeply rooted experience in the great American outdoor tradition has pushed me to desire these same fond memories for upcoming generations. However, it seems that as time goes on there is a sense of loss when it comes to these traditions. And it is not all because the modern culture has changed our kids–it has also changed us—the generation responsible to pass it down.

It is so very easy to feed our children to the media—it’s what they want. Compare that to getting up at 4:00 a.m., getting on your Woolrich outfit and Thinsulate boots and hiking five miles through three feet of snow to get a shot at a grand trophy. Then, at the squeeze of the trigger, you miss. After four or five hours of hiking around trying to find another shot, you start back on that 5-mile trek back to the car. But what went on from the time your boots first hit the snow that morning till you were heading home that evening with your son or daughter. That, my friend, is one of those unforgettable, timeless memories that you and your child will hold close until your last heartbeat.

The changes that come through the media, from the political meat grinder, seek to drive a wedge between parents and their kids who might otherwise enjoy making these memories.

In this business of selling guns, I also see myself, and those who work at ClearView, promoting the fascinating and stimulating allure of the great outdoors — whether it be shooting trap or skeet, hunting rabbits or javelina, deep sea fishing, frog hunting (everyone should try this just once!), or camping on the North Face. Just reading these words of outdoor adventure should make your heart beat a little faster.

To all my friends over this land of America who strongly desire to pass on these indentured values to our future generations – Happy Hunting!

Dave Dorazio